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Trash As Art Home Image

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Also included on my small space remodel late night frenzy... That very large, very wonderful, very wooden coffee table my mother gave me? I love the table! It’s huge. I’ve curled up and taken naps on it. DON’T ASK!

I am a lot  on the short end, but there are dogs that stand as high as this table.Yes, my coffee table is the height of a large dog. And it has some good width going on too. Perfect! When I lived in a house! Then I moved; used to it to crash, eat, paint, dance, and iron on. And before the rearrangements, my graffiti-ed senior citizen (old non-digital JVC TV) used to sit on it.

So if you read the other blog, it’s obvious by now; sometimes I have a hard time letting go of things. So what! There is usually a good reason for it. And I am blessed enough to find out why. Sometimes it just takes a few good years. I’ve only had the table about 3 years though. Less time than the pet carrier and the speakers (you’ll see).

No, I did not want to get rid of the table. Yes, it had overstayed its welcome in my little home. But I like the table! One day, God is going to bless me with a house that was made for that table! Not only that, my mother would be hurt! Like the time she was when she got me a water bed, and came in my room, and discovered that I preferred the floor to the bed.  LEAVE ME ALONE! I WAS BORN THIS WAY! To make Mummsie happy, I slept on the bed. Thankful that she cared so much. Wishing I had locked the door. Yup folks, the frame I currently own, is one day going to be hacked to pieces into a table or repainted, purchased, and sent to a happy home where it will be properly appreciated and enjoyed!

So I came to the realization that I was not going to get rid of the table. I Looked into my workshop (bedroom) and saw that there was no space for the table. I wondered what the blankety blank blank I was going to do with the thing. I knew I wanted wood on the walls. My intentions had been to put painted wooden squares with some mosaic mirror pieces on the wall. (Yes I had actually planned to design at least that one thing for my living room!) In real life, I have Trash As Art Projects that need to be completed. I have video projects to work on. Let’s not forget church. Out of Wonderland, and back to Aurora, Colorado!

It dawned on me that there was no resting place for my Doors poster or the sketch paintings my sister and I done.  I didn’t want them hanging on the wall. I threw the table up against the wall! Top to me, legs to wall. I saw the empty gap between table and wall. I was staring directly at my stereo.  BLAH! I did a bad, bad thing. How to correct it? My vacuum cleaner and iron! Yes! they needed new resting places. Out of sight resting places. Guess what? That space between the table and wall? PERFECTO! I put those suckers in there! I placed the Doors poster, the paintings and a few random left overs on top of the table’s wide wooden legs and kankles. Got  some fabric to hang on the sides. There’s room if I need it later, to add some small shelves. Use what you’ve got! My friend came over and did not even realize she was looking at my coffee table. Mission accomplished! Next year, house hunting!

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